With the IT unemployment rate at virtually ZERO percent, finding the talent to fill your part-time or full-time IT roles becomes increasingly more difficult. That perfect candidate is also being contacted by 10 other firms creating the perfect “talent war.” Philly Tech Hire offers employers in the Greater Philadelphia area with a pipeline of primed IT talent who are connected to a variety of opportunities from online training, in-person mentorship programs, and more. Tap into the pipeline of Philadelphia’s next wave of IT talent looking to expand their careers.

If you are an employer looking for a way to get involved below is a list of options. As always we are happy to customize your level of involvement to suite your needs.
Increased Employer Participation Options: There are a number of ways to become either a strategic or affiliated partner with the Philly Tech Hire Campaign. Here are the upcoming immediate needs that we have:

  1. The main focus for our campaign right now is the creation of accelerated development boot-camp that will result in a level of technical proficiency enabling participants to be hired at either an intern, apprentice or entry level. There will be many components that go into the creation of this program from course content, to course instruction and ultimately to a final exam. For this reason we are looking for employers that would be willing to help sponsor this accelerated training program.
  2. We are also looking for employers that would be interested in helping to fund a hack-a-thon. We would like to continue the work we have done with the Free Library of Philadelphia, as well as other local non-profits, that have technology challenges that could be solved by a hack-a-thon.
  3. We would also like to create a scholarship program for individuals that are looking to pursue careers in technology but perhaps do not have the financial resources to pursue a 2 year College Degree or enter into an accelerated development training program as they are typically several thousands of dollars.
  4. Last but not least we are looking for sponsors for the upcoming Fundraiser projected for Thursday November 5th. Please see the additional overview of options for employer participation as this event will help fund the accelerated training program, hack-a-thon and scholarship initiatives.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in any of the above mentioned initiatives, please contact us here
Hopefully this provides an overview of options for any Employer that would like to get involved!
Thank you in advance for your interest in a potential partnership with Philly Tech Hire!

Philly Tech Hire Fundraiser
Date to be determined

Philly Tech Hire is planning a Fundraiser to be held at the Free Library of Philadelphia, the proceeds will help to fund the campaign’s key initiatives we have rolled out in support of this effort.

Featured invited guests include; Michael Nutter, The Mayor of Philadelphia as well as Megan Smith, Director IT for the White house. We will also have representation from every employer, small business and non-profit that is already on the committee. This list currently includes; Comcast, PNC, IBC, Aramark, the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Works, Randstad Technologies, SEEDPhilly, LinkedIn, Technical.ly Philly, PACT, Jarvus, Eventupon, Scholly, Enterprise Cloudworks and the NWCT to name a few. We will be extending invitations to every other employer with ties to the Technology Community as well.

We believe that ticket sales combined with a silent auction will result in significant financial funding for current and future campaign initiatives. These initiatives include the creation of scalable development boot-camp and paid internship/apprenticeship program, a scholarship program for the development boot-camp, a Hack-a-thon as well as future STEM initiatives targeting minorities and veterans.

This will be a phenomenal opportunity for free publicity here in the Philadelphia Market since Philadelphia Works has engaged Bellevue Communications, a PR Firm working with our campaign to showcase all of our events as well as significant marketing commitments from both PACT and Technically Philly.

Presently, we are looking to partner with organizations that would be interested in helping us with the launch of the Fundraiser. This includes either sponsorship for the Fundraiser or donations for the silent auction. Organizations that participate will be able to capitalize on the free press associated with this event since this is a White House Campaign. We will publicly acknowledge any company or vendor that works with us on pricing or provides their services at cost or in a complimentary fashion. We will also brand that company during the event either on signage or via digital displays. An example of this would be; making an announcement that tonight’s entertainment is brought to you by the Philadelphia Orchestra as well as having their logo behind them on an artfully lit screen. Another example would be box seats for an Eagles game donated by the mayor’s office and the City of Philadelphia. Another example would be box seats for an Eagles game donated by the mayor’s office and the City of Philadelphia (we already have 6 Mayor’s Box seats donated for the silent auction and commitments from the Phillies, Flyers and Eagles to get additional items donated for the silent auction).

Please let us know if your company would like to get involved and don’t worry if you just want to attend, invitations will be coming shortly!